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Ketamine Clinic Baltimore

What are ketamine clinics Baltimore?

Ketamine is well-known as an anaesthetic widely used in surgery.  However, over the last 20 years, researchers have been studying it for possible effects on mental health conditions and chronic pain, and the results have been promising. To ensure people have access to this type of medication safely, many Ketamine clinics have started operating across the US, including in Baltimore.

Baltimore Ketamine clinics do not differ much from traditional clinic settings except for a narrower specialization they provide. The settings resemble a spa-like environment, with separate rooms for treatment and recovery, equipment for introspective journeys, and analysis. Ketamine clinics are typically run by anesthesiologists who work alongside accomplished psychotherapists, psychiatrists, therapists, and/or registered nurses. They all share years of experience in the field of mental health medicine, pain management, and addictions among others. 

The treatment protocol may differ among the clinics, however, the patients always receive individualized attention and tailored plans of sessions built per their needs. Ketamine clinics may work with IV, IM, PO infusions, provide lozenges, or a Spravato nasal spray which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat depression in adults. Beyond that, some clinics may occasionally offer Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) which is highly effective in managing treatment-resistant depression (TRD). The duration of each session may vary depending on the medical condition. Patients with mental health conditions are most likely to undergo 1 to 3-hour sessions, while sessions for those with chronic pain often last at least 2 hours. The recommended course for mental health is 6 sessions with a 2 to a 3-week window between them, and 3 to 10 sessions for pain conditions. 

Ketamine treatment is not a modality that fits every particular case. Speak to your doctor about its applicability to your condition.

What is ketamine therapy in Baltimore or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy? (KAP)

The main purpose of Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is to alter the state of consciousness and expand the mind to create a working window which psychotherapists may use for the actual counseling. After the administration of Ketamine, a patient may start experiencing a disconnection from reality or extreme sedation, while a psychotherapist tries to approach the patient with unobtrusive questions and conversations. The journey helps a psychotherapist to find the root of the patient’s mental health condition and step-by-step assist them in resolving their existential problems, boosting psycho-spiritual growth, and leading to a deep personal transformation of their lifestyle. 

Today, KAP is most commonly used as a resolution of treatment-resistant depression (TRD), however, there are many providers who offer KAP for anxiety, PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, or suicidal ideation as well. 

What are the Best Ketamine Clinics in Baltimore? 

There are two Ketamine clinics in Baltimore:

Baltimore Ketamine Clinic

  • Managed by Ivana Mitic MSN, CRNA.
  • Their clinic offers IV infusions for depression, migraines, major anxiety, neuropathic pain, PTSD, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, postpartum depression, Rheumatoid Arthritis, OCD, fibromyalgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, CRPS, Lyme Disease, and Refractory Cancer Pain.
  • They also offer psychotherapy and Scrambler Therapy.
  • The cost per infusion may vary.
  • Servicing Timonium.


  • Managed by William Vickers, MD, an anesthesiology specialist.
  • Their clinic offers IV infusions for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, migraine, and CRPS.
  • They also offer Integrative Pain Management, Pain Therapy, PEMF Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Theralight 360 among others.
  • The cost per infusion may vary.
  • Servicing Annapolis.

How is this list of Baltimore ketamine clinics chosen? 

These Ketamine clinics in Baltimore are verified and recommended by the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

What treatments do Ketamine Clinics provide in Baltimore? 

Ketamine clinics may provide a variety of treatments for mental health conditions and pain conditions.

Severe Depression

Ketamine has been found to relieve the symptoms of depression within hours, rather than the usual weeks most antidepressants can take.


Those suffering from PTSD may find relief with Ketamine Infusion Treatment when other options have failed. 

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Learn how Ketamine treatment is providing relief.


Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels.

Ketamine for depression

The following studies have been conducted:


Ketamine for anxiety

The following studies have been conducted:


Ketamine for PTSD

The following study has been conducted:

Ketamine for OCD

The following studies have been conducted:


Ketamine for bipolar disorder

The following study has been conducted:


Ketamine for chronic pain

The following study has been conducted:

Ketamine assisted therapy or psychotherapy

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is most well-known for treating treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Beyond that, it may be used for other mental health conditions, chronic pain, and addictions. KAP is not currently available in Baltimore, however, you may get a referral from your doctor to receive it in other clinics of nearby cities or states.

Ketamine treatment in Baltimore may be also accompanied by additional mental health services, such as:

  • Psychiatry
  • EMDR
  • TMS
  • Holistic and alternative treatments

How are the sessions in Ketamine Clinics Baltimore? 

Each session of Ketamine treatment starts with a briefing from the clinician, and physical exam of the patient to see whether they are fit. The clinician sets goals and intentions for a session and explains what sensations the patient may expect after the administration of the anesthetic. A therapist and/or a registered nurse checks the patient’s vitals and ensures their readiness. If the patient is ready, they are accommodated in a reclining chair or other comfortable seat and administered the infusion. The patient covers the eyes and may listen to relaxing music. During the whole session, the patient is continuously monitored by an experienced clinician who can respond to emergencies or manage fear/and or anxiety attacks caused by dissociative effects of the anesthetic.

After the session, the patient spends time recovering and may be asked to write down their experiences in the notepad. These notes help them to analyze the progress of treatment, and incorporate changes to the time-frame of sessions, or doses of the anesthetic if needed. 

The providers of Ketamine treatment require the patients to have a designated driver or a support person who may take them back home, as the anesthetic may impair driving ability and concentration. 

How long is a typical session for IV? 

Ketamine treatment may vary in time. The patients undergoing IV infusions for mental health conditions are most likely to spend 1 to 3 hours for a session. The patients who have pain conditions may spend at least 2 hours for the IV session.

How long is a typical session for intramuscular? 

Ketamine treatment may vary in time. The patients undergoing IM infusions for mental health conditions are most likely to spend 1 to 3 hours for a session. The patients who have pain conditions may spend at least 2 hours for the IM session.

What sensations will I have during sessions in Ketamine Clinics Baltimore?

During Ketamine treatment, patients may vary in their experiences. The sessions will reveal different concepts, visions, encounters, and the patient may “exist” in a dream-like state. Some patients report experiencing sensitivity to light and sound, lost track of time, or lightheadedness, while some may have hallucinations. It is very common to feel like you are traveling outside of your body. The patients easily go through the sessions, however, the first one may seem overwhelming, as the anesthetic may awaken trauma memories or thoughts about negative life circumstances.

During the sessions of Ketamine treatment, the clinician is always there and may alleviate unwanted sensations with designated medications or treatments.

How much do Ketamine infusions cost in Baltimore? 

Ketamine treatment may differ in cost, as it depends on the number of sessions needed, mental health conditions, or pain conditions among others. Contact your preferred Ketamine clinic to learn the cost of infusions. 

How can I find it if I can be eligible for insurance coverage in Baltimore?

Ketamine treatment is usually not eligible for insurance coverage with both federal and state-funded insurance plans. You may contact the preferred Ketamine clinic to learn about financing options, co-pays, or discounts if you are a first-aid responder.

Does Ketamine therapy intervene with my treatment plan?

Ketamine treatment may intervene with your current treatment plan, and you should disclose the full list of medications, health supplements, and herbs to the clinician prior to sessions. Risperidone (Risperdal), Olanzapine (Zyprexa), and Lamictal may alter the efficacy of the anesthetic, while MAOIs, relaxants, and opioids may cause severe side effects when combined with the anesthetic.

What are the risks of Ketamine treatment in Baltimore? 

Like with any other medications, Ketamine may cause side effects. The most common side effects include:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • hallucinations;
  • impaired concentration, alertness;
  • headaches.

In case of any side effects, the clinician may incorporate additional treatment to manage them. Beyond that, these side effects have a short-term nature and may vanish within 10-15 minutes after the session is over.

What to look for in a good Ketamine clinic Baltimore?

Please refer to our in-depth article about Ketamine therapy for more information

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How to find a Ketamine clinic in Baltimore? 

There are a few options available. You may refer to the ASKP directory of approved Ketamine clinics in Baltimore first. Or else, feel free to find clinics per city with our website. Finally, you may ask for a referral from your friends, relatives.

Where can I get Ketamine treatment in Baltimore?

Ketamine treatment in Baltimore is currently available in two clinics including Baltimore Ketamine Clinic and MidAtlanticHealthInstitute

How long does treatment at Baltimore Ketamine Clinics last?

Ketamine clinics Baltimore may vary in the number of sessions and their time-frame. The treatment for mental health conditions may take around 6 sessions, while pain conditions may require up to 10.

Yes, Ketamine clinics in Baltimore are legal. They are approved by the ASKP and staffed by state-board certified providers who know how to deliver Ketamine treatment in Baltimore safely.

What to look for in a Ketamine clinic in Baltimore? 

To choose the right Ketamine clinic, you should learn its accreditations, licenses, and the actual providers. Learn about the pricing per IV, IM sessions, and ask about your eligibility for any financial help if you cannot afford the treatment. 

Will my insurance company pay for Ketamine therapy in Baltimore? 

Ketamine therapy in Baltimore is not covered with federal or state-funded insurance plans. You may only learn about your eligibility for co-pays or discounts if you are a first-aid responder.

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