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Ketamine Clinic San Francisco

What are Ketamine Clinics San Francisco?

Ketamine is a medication used for a variety of different purposes, including anesthesia before and after surgery, sedation in intensive care and treatment of pain, Depression, Treatment-Resistant Depression, Unipolar Major Depression, Bipolar Depression, PTSD, and OCD. While Ketamine is FDA approved for certain medical conditions, it is sometimes prescribed “off-label” for other conditions. 

In March 2019, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Spravato (esketamine) nasal spray in conjunction with an oral antidepressant for the treatment of depression in adults who have treatment-resistant depression (TRD).

Ketamine Clinics are clinics that are usually staffed by psychiatrists, psychologists, registered nurses. These clinics offer a variety of services depending on the clinic. The services may include ketamine treatment through IV, IM, IN, PO, Ketamine spray as well as ketamine-assisted therapy, including priming before and integration after the medicine administration as well as ongoing integration therapy. 

Ketamine clinics differ in their approach. While some clinics are more focused on offering just the medical benefits of administering ketamine, others are focusing on the integration of the medical benefits of ketamine administration alongside the psychotherapy aspect, setting intentions, and the post-session integration work. The patients should speak to the doctor and if available, a therapist at the clinic to understand what approach is best for them. 

Other medical clinics also offer ketamine infusions and ketamine treatment alongside other mental health and medical services, such as psychiatry, bodywork and energy work.

What is ketamine therapy in San Francisco or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy? (KAP)

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is a modern alternative to traditional psychotherapies. KAP takes approximately 1-2 hours during the Ketamine administration. KAP may include preliminary, or priming sessions of psychotherapy before the ketamine administration to prepare the patients for the treatment, understand their health and psychological condition, discuss their goals, and set intentions for the treatment. KAP also includes support during the session and for weeks or months after the sessions depending on the protocol of the clinic. 

While approaches of different therapists differ, KAP therapists are there to ensure patients receive support in case of fear or anxiety attacks during or shortly after the ketamine administration. The time frame of one session differs based on the patient's response to the treatment, age, and dosage. The course of KAP may take several weeks to ongoing treatment. A doctor chooses how many infusions the patient receives and gradually decreases or increases the dosage and frequency of visits. 

What are the Best Ketamine Clinics in San Francisco? 

With the spread of Ketamine Clinics across the country due to the efficacy of ketamine assisted therapy for various conditions, there are Ketamine Clinics that have opened in San Francisco. Here are the Ketamine clinics approved by American Society of Ketamine Physicians:

Polaris Insight Center

  • Founded by Sylver Quevedo, Gregory Wells, Veronika Gold, Eric Sienknecht, Harvey Schwartz.
  • This Ketamine Clinic San Francisco offers individual ketamine-assisted, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. 
  • The whole team is composed of active members of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) who participated in Phase 2-3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Soon to launch are training programs for psychotherapists willing to boost their clinical skills in KAP practice. 
  • The cost per single infusion starts at $600.
  • Located in San Francisco.

My Doctor Medical Group

  • Managed by Paul Abramson, MD. He is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and a member of the clinical faculty at UCSF. 
  • This clinic offers KAP for selected patients with a verified diagnosis who are directed by medical doctors, psychiatrists, or psychologists.
  • KAP takes 1 to 6 sessions and upon request can be followed by maintenance therapy.
  • The cost of the course varies.
  • Located in San Francisco.

New Pathways Ketamine Centers

  • Managed by Roberto Estrada, MD. He is a clinical expert in the Interventional Psychiatry field and Neuromodulation.
  • This Ketamine Clinic San Francisco offers stand-alone ketamine infusions and KAP to those who have treatment-resistant mood and anxiety conditions.
  • Each infusion costs $650. The total course usually includes 6 sessions. 
  • Servicing San Francisco, San Mateo.

MindBloom San Francisco (coming soon) - virtual available

  • MindBloom is a “new age” ketamine clinic, which boasts more living room like atmosphere with comfortable couches and soft lighting 
  • MindBloom takes the therapy part of the treatment very seriously with a strong emphasis on setting an intention, journaling after ketamine administration and ongoing work with a therapist
  • MindBloom welcomes all patients with various conditions granted they pass the screening 
  • Mindbloom’s Medical Director is Dr. Casey Paleos,a board certified psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience with ketamine in both research and clinical settings

Field Trip Clinic San Francisco (coming soon)

  • Field Trip is a “new age” mental health clinic, which offers ketamine-assisted therapy alongside other mental health and wellness modalities
  • The modalities offered include integration therapy, breathwork coaching, COVID coping therapy with other modalities being added regularly
  • Field Trip clinics have a more home-like atmosphere with comfortable couches and soft lighting
  • The recommended protocol is 6 ketamine administration sessions, 10 psychotherapy sessions
  • The pricing is $400 per ketamine administration session and $200 per psychotherapy session

Keter Integrative Psychiatry

  • Founded and managed by Michael Stanger, MD.
  • This clinic offers therapy with IM injection and an oral dissolving tablet (ODT).
  • KAP for depression and anxiety takes 2 treatments per week and lasts for 3 weeks with a maintenance phase. 
  • The cost may vary.
  • Servicing Oakland.

Bay Psychiatry Associates

  • Managed by Rick Trautner, MD from Case Western Reserve University.
  • This Ketamine Clinic San Francisco offers ketamine injections, IV infusions, and oral dosing alongside psychotherapy.
  • The cost of therapy varies.
  • Servicing Berkley, San Rafael.

Berkeley Behavioral Health and Wellness Clinic

  • Managed by Dr. Tsang, a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.
  • This Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers KAP for mood, depressive and anxiety conditions, PTSD, and OCD.
  • The cost of therapy varies.
  • Servicing Berkley.

The Center for Transformational Psychotherapy

  • Managed by Phil Wolfson, MD. 
  • The Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers KAP, and infusions in the form of low-dose, sublingual lozenge.
  • The cost of therapy varies.
  • Servicing San Anselmo.

IV Wellness Center

  • Managed by Dr. Edgar Celis, MD.
  • This Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers IV infusions for mood disorders, OCD, chronic pain, CRPS, and migraine.
  • Servicing Pleasant Hills, San Rafael.

Painsolvers Inc.

  • Managed by Paul Sandhu, M.D.
  • The clinic offers IV and intranasal infusions for mood disorders ( PTSD, OCD, neuropathic pain, CRPS, migraine) and physical pain such as fibromyalgia.
  • The cost of therapy may vary.
  • Servicing Pleasant Hills. 

Palo Alto Mind Body

  • Managed by M Rameen Ghorieshi, a professor at Stanford. 
  • The Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers KAP for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, chronic pain, migraines, CRPS.
  • The cost of therapy may vary.
  • Servicing Palo Alto, South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, San Francisco.

Integrative Psychiatry

  • Managed by Jonathan Russ, MD.
  • The Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers KAP for mood disorders and OCD.
  • The cost of therapy may vary.
  • Servicing Los Altos.

Temenos Center for Integrative Psychotherapy

  • Managed by Carl Spitzer, MD.
  • The clinic offers intramuscular infusions and oral administration for mood disorders.
  • Ketamine session costs $1050 per 3-hour session.
  • Servicing Petaluma.

Sunnyvale Psychiatry

  • Managed by Rachel Goldstein, MD.
  • This Ketamine clinic San Francisco offers IV ketamine infusions for mood disorders and OCD.
  • The cost of therapy may vary.
  • Servicing Sunnyvale.

Restoration Psychiatry

  • Managed by Tammy Saah, MD.
  • The clinic offers KAP for depression, suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and nerve-related pain.
  • The cost of therapy may vary.
  • Servicing Los Gatos.

How is this list of ketamine clinics chosen? 

These Ketamine Clinics San Francisco are verified and recommended by the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

What treatments do Ketamine Clinics provide San Francisco? 

Ketamine Clinics in San Francisco provide a range of treatments such as stand-alone Ketamine administration via IV, IM, IN, PO and Ketamine spray as well as Ketamine Assisted Therapy for a variety of conditions. These conditions include Depression, Treatment-Resistant Depression, Unipolar Major Depression, Bipolar Depression, PTSD, and OCD. Other services may psychiatry, bodywork and energy work.

Severe Depression

Ketamine has been found to relieve the symptoms of depression within hours, rather than the usual weeks most antidepressants can take.


Those suffering from PTSD may find relief with Ketamine Infusion Treatment when other options have failed. 

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Learn how Ketamine treatment is providing relief.


Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels.

Ketamine therapy San Francisco may not be right for everyone and should only be administered with appropriate screening and guidance of a professional doctor.

What does research say about Ketamine?

Ketamine for depression

Ketamine is believed to have a rapid antidepressant effect in the short term. It was studied on 10 subjects with treatment-resistant depression. The results demonstrated a response rate of 70.8% in the study with up to 6 low doses (IV) infusions of ketamine (0.5mg/kg) during the 12-days session. When compared to placebo-controlled, double-blind crossover study, this treatment showed a large mean reduction in depression severity based on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale 72 hours following a single ketamine infusion. There is limited evidence about the long term sustained effects of ketamine on depression.

Ketamine for anxiety 

Ketamine has been found effective in relieving anxiety symptoms. In one study, Ketamine 0.5mg/kg was administered intravenously over 40 minutes alongside placebo to 18 adults with a social anxiety disorder (SAD). All of them tolerated Ketamine with no adverse effects. Six of 18 subjects experienced improvements by a greater than 35% as per Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) after ketamine infusion. 

Ketamine for PTSD

There is limited evidence about its efficacy in PTSD treatment. Some researchers suggest that Ketamine may enhance synaptic connectivity in the circuits that have been lost, which results in PTSD.  The symptoms experienced in PTSD may be caused by a loss of synaptic connectivity. 

Ketamine for OCD 

The Stanford study of 90 OCD patients who received Ketamine reposted a significant decrease of symptoms through a 40-minutes infusion.

Ketamine for bipolar disorder

Ketamine effect was investigated using previous research, clinical trials, and studies. Over 721 articles with a total of 125 bipolar subjects enrolled have been collected together and screened by reviewers. The analysis demonstrated that Ketamine intravenous showed significant improvement in depression over those who received a placebo. The higher effect was observed by administering a 40-minute infusion.

Ketamine for chronic pain

In one study, Ketamine infusions were studied using retrospective analysis. 49 subjects have been identified to have undergone outpatient ketamine infusions for regional pain syndrome, severe back pain, and headache. All reported a significant reduction of symptoms with prolonged relief.

Ketamine assisted therapy or psychotherapy

In some of San Francisco’s Ketamine Clinics, this therapy is offered alongside the ketamine administration.

As previously mentioned, KAP may include preliminary, or priming sessions of psychotherapy before the ketamine administration to prepare the patient for the treatment, understand their health and psychological condition, discuss their goals, and set intentions for the treatment. KAP also includes support during the session and for weeks or months after the sessions depending on the protocol of the clinic. 

Also, Ketamine clinics in San Francisco provide mental health services, such as:

  • Psychiatry. 
  • EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
  • TMS.
  • Holistic and alternative treatments, such as nutrition, mindfulness, bodywork, energy, and other approaches.

What happens during the sessions in Ketamine Clinics San Francisco? 

While it is different between clinics, usually the recommended course consists of 6 ketamine administration sessions. The process starts with a briefing or initial consultation. The doctor discusses medical history, goals, symptoms with the patient, as well as the details of the treatment plan. If the treatment is approved, the patient will be asked to proceed to the treatment room or return on a different occasion for the actual ketamine administration. A doctor or a nurse will address all the patient’s concerns and monitor blood pressure, pulse, and other necessary vitals throughout the session. After the session, the patient is escorted to the therapy room to relax. 

There will be ongoing interaction with the patient’s care doctor to understand the progress and the changes to the treatment plan if needed. 

The process may vary from clinic to clinic. 

How long is a typical session for IV? 

It takes 45 minutes to an hour. Plus 20 minutes to two hours for recovery.

How long is a typical session for intramuscular?

It takes 45 minutes to an hour. Plus 20 minutes to two hours for recovery.

What will I feel during the session in Ketamine Clinics San Francisco? 

Ketamine is a dissociative medication, its use during the therapy may resemble the disconnection from reality, and the patient may no longer have a sense of self. 

During the 45-minute session, the infusion provides anesthetic and anxiolytic effects. Some patients experience drowsiness, the heaviness of their limbs, and hypersensitivity to lights and sound. The patient stays conscious but feels relaxation which helps to distract from negative thoughts or anxiety. Some patients reported feeling light hallucinogenic effects.

The dissociative feeling stays with the patient for 10-15 minutes after the infusion session is over.

How much do Ketamine infusions cost in San Francisco 2020? 

The cost varies between clinics. At Polaris Insight Center, the cost per infusion is $600. New Pathways Ketamine Center’s cost is $650. MindBloom charges $250 per session. At My Doctor Medical Group, the cost depends on the symptoms and records provided by the patient’s current physician.

If I am eligible for insurance coverage, how can I find Ketamine Clinics in San Francisco?

State and federally funded insurance plans usually do not qualify. Contact one of the Ketamine Clinics in San Francisco to learn what insurance plans are eligible.

Does Ketamine therapy occur with my current treatment plan in San Francisco 2020? 

Ketamine may interact with certain medications such as benzodiazepines, SSRIs, relaxants, opioids. It is necessary to inform the doctor at the clinic about your current intake of medications to avoid possible interactions. We also recommend that you speak with your GP and/or psychiatrist about receiving ketamine therapy. 

What are the risks of Ketamine treatment in San Francisco? 

Before the session, the doctor will discuss the patient’s  health condition. A nurse will check blood pressure, pulse and other vital signs to ensure the patient is ready to continue the treatment.

Ketamine is a medication that can be linked to certain side effects which are usually short-term. The most common side effects:

  • a spike in blood pressure;
  • accelerated heart rate;
  • drowsiness;
  • blurred vision;
  • nausea;
  • headache.

Some patients may also experience dissociative effects which are not harmful but may be uncomfortable to some. They disappear in 10-15 minutes after the session is over.

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On our website, you can find the best deals for ketamine treatment in San Francisco. Clinics like Polaris Insight Center, My Doctor Medical Group, or New Pathways Ketamine Centers

👩⚖ Are ketamine clinics legal in San Francisco?

Yes, ketamine clinics are legal in San Francisco and approved by California law. If you have mood disorders, you should use the services of ketamine clinics in San Francisco.

? What to look for ketamine clinics in San Francisco?

If you decide to contact ketamine clinics in San Francisco. First of all, listen to what the doctor will tell you, then pay attention to the availability of all licenses at the clinic, and, as an option, read the reviews of other patients.

🩺 What happens at ketamine clinics in San Francisco?

As a rule, at ketamine clinics in San Francisco, as in other cities, you always get professional medical care and an individual approach to each patient.

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