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Ketamine Therapy Near Me



What is ketamine therapy or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP)? 

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is a well-known alternative to traditional psychotherapy which is used to treat mental health conditions. KAP averagely takes 1 hour aimed to administer Ketamine and dive into a journey listening to meditations or relaxing music while being monitored by a therapist. Ketamine infusion therapy typically consists of a screening of the patient’s vitals and preliminary consultation with a psychiatrist, a registered nurse, and/or a therapist who prepares them for the treatment. During the KAP sessions, a patient is always supported by a clinician. Beyond that, this support may be also available for weeks and months after the treatment is over depending on the protocol of the clinic.

A Ketamine infusion therapy approach may differ in clinics, however, KAP therapists are always there to help patients in case of anxiety or fear attacks or to ensure there are no side effects during the sessions. 

KAP may also differ in a number of sessions based on the patient’s response to the treatment, or their needs. On average, KAP is 6 sessions which takes several weeks to a month. A doctor chooses the dosage of this anesthetic and gradually decreases or increases it until a therapeutic effect is achieved.

How do I find ketamine infusion therapy near me? 

If you are looking for “ketamine near me” clinic or private practice managed by a certified therapist, you have a few options available.

The first and most obvious way is to use search engines such as Yelp.com or Google. Simply type “ketamine therapy near me”, and you will see a variety of clinics or therapists whom you may refer to start the treatment. Before selecting a clinic, look for any reviews or accreditations of their physicians or therapists, as you may easily come across providers that illegally offer this treatment.

You may else refer to the directory of Ketamine treatment near me clinics provided by the American Society of Ketamine Physicians (ASKP). Available clinics are easy to find by selecting your state or city. 

Beyond that, you may ask for “Ketamine therapy near me” referral from your friends or relatives who could previously turn to such treatment for their mental health conditions.

What are the best ketamine clinics near me?

There are myriad Ketamine infusions nearby clinics which you may contact and start the treatment. To find the best therapist available in your area, we again recommend you to refer to the ASKP directory.

What are the best virtual or at-home ketamine therapy providers?

Among the best virtual or at-home Ketamine infusion therapy providers, Mindblood is worth mentioning, as it was featured by Business Insider, New York Post, Forbes, Newsweek as well as Psychedelic Today. 

Mindbloom is a great example of a “Ketamine therapy near me” company that provides help to patients who seek expansion of their human potential. They offer a science-backed treatment for anxiety and depression including Ketamine infusion therapy in their setting or Ketamine infusions with tablets for at-home administration. Their company is staffed by licensed psychiatric clinicians who help patients get the most out of treatment.

Virtual KAP usually starts in their setting, however, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the first and further administration of anesthetic may be done remotely. They work with oral tablets as well as IM infusions.

The cost per session is $250. 

There are other virtual Ketamine therapy near you providers whom you may discover with the ASKP directory.

How is ketamine therapy different from just administering ketamine to a patient?

KAP is an alternative to traditional psychotherapy, and to just administering this anesthetic to a patient. It is used for mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain among others. Beyond that, it consists of the sessions with a psychotherapist, a registered nurse, and/or a therapist who ensures vitals alongside physical and mental states of the patients are fit for the treatment. During each session, the patients speak to the doctor, discuss their intentions, concerns, and share expectations regarding the treatment. During the Ketamine infusion therapy session, the medication can be administered either intravenously or intramuscularly. Many clinics may also offer oral administration with the tablets or with a nasal spray Spravato. 

Why consider doing ketamine therapy? 

Ketamine infusion therapy may help individuals find relief for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, and many other mental health conditions. Beyond that, it may be a good fit for individuals who cope with childhood trauma, grief, and loss life circumstances. 

Esketamine nasal spray Spravato is FDA-approved to treat depression, and some clinics include it in their treatment protocols. Alongside this, certain insurance plans are most likely to cover Spravato.

For what conditions is Ketamine treatment used? 

While this medication is most well-known as an anesthetic used before and after surgery, Ketamine infusion therapy may be used off-label to treat depression, anxiety, and many other mental health conditions,

Ketamine infusions for depression 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine Therapy for anxiety 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine treatment for PTSD 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine infusions for OCD 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine therapy for bipolar disorder 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine infusions for chronic pain

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine assisted therapy for childhood trauma 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine assisted therapy for end of life grief 

The following study has been conducted:

Ketamine assisted therapy for grief & loss 

The following study has been conducted:

What happens during the ketamine therapy sessions?

Ketamine therapy near me clinics may differ in their approach to sessions, however, the recommended course consists of 6 sessions. One infusion set on average takes 40-55 minutes. It starts with the guidance from the clinician who discusses goals, concerns, and intentions for the session with the patient. A registered nurse, and/or a therapist will also check the patient’s vitals and general physical and mental health condition before, during, and after the session. If approved for Ketamine infusion therapy, the patient is escorted to the treatment room where they may cover the eyes, listen to meditations, or relaxing music for a better journey after the administration of the medication. After the session, the patient is escorted to a room to relax.

Ketamine infusion therapy sessions are accompanied by ongoing interactions with the doctor who assesses the progress and symptomatic changes. 

How long are the ketamine therapy sessions?

Ketamine infusion therapy may take 45 minutes to an hour. Plus 20 minutes to two hours for recovery.

What will I feel during the session?

Ketamine is a dissociative medication so that it has the potential to cause a feeling of disconnection from reality and the patient may also experience an altered “sense of self”. Beyond that, the administration of this anesthetic may cause drowsiness, the heaviness of limbs, and hypersensitivity to lights and noise. 

During Ketamine infusion therapy, the patient stays conscious all the time but may acquire euphoria or extreme relaxation which aims to distract them from trauma memories of the past as well as other negative life circumstances resulting in depression or anxiety. Some patients reported experiencing hallucinogenic effects.

These side effects typically vanish within 10-15 minutes after the Ketamine infusion therapy session is over.

How much does Ketamine therapy near me cost?

“Ketamine therapy near me” clinics differ in cost, as it may depend on the patient’s symptoms, the severity of their mental health conditions as well as records provided by the current patient’s physician. One session may cost approximately $400.

How can I find it if I can be eligible for insurance coverage?

Ketamine therapy near me is rarely covered by state and federally funded insurance plans except for a nasal spray Spravato if it is included in the treatment protocol of one clinic.

Does Ketamine therapy intervene with my current treatment plan?

Ketamine infusion therapy may intervene with many medications, health supplements as well as herbs including benzodiazepines, SSRIs, relaxants, opioids. Disclose your full list of medications to the doctor to avoid possible interactions. 

What are the risks of Ketamine infusions therapy? 

When looking for “Ketamine therapy near me”, you should always assess the risks with your current physician. 

Ketamine infusion therapy typically starts with a briefing with a clinician who checks blood pressure, pulse and other vitals to ensure you are ready to continue the treatment.

This anesthetic may cause certain side effects including:

  • a spike in blood pressure;
  • accelerated heart rate;
  • drowsiness;
  • blurred vision;
  • nausea;
  • headache.

These side effects are mostly of short-term nature and vanish within 10-15 minutes after Ketamine infusion therapy is over.

What to look for in a good Ketamine therapist?

If you are looking for a good Ketamine treatment nearby or a certified therapist, you have a few options available.

  • Use search engines. With Yelp.com or Google, type “Ketamine therapy near me” and easily discover available therapists. 
  • Ask for a referral. Your friends or relatives may have a personal connection with some Ketamine therapy near you providers whom they trust their mental health conditions. 
  • Refer to the ASKP directory. On their official website, you may discover Ketamine therapy near me clinics and check what they treat in particular.

Please refer to our in-depth article about for more information:

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  • Ketamine clinics in New York City


?? Does medicaid cover ketamine therapy near me?

Basically YES, you can get a Medicaid cover for ketamine therapy. Everything will depend on the clinic in which you will receive ketamine therapy near me.

🤯 How does ketamine therapy near me affect my brain?

Ketamine therapy in most cases very quickly gives results to people with mood disorders. Ketamine therapy near me promotes the physical growth of the prefrontal cortex and an increase in neurotransmitters such as glutamate.

💊 Is ketamine infusion therapy near me addictive?

No, ketamine infusion therapy is not addictive. Our BestKetamineClinics team conducted a study and no patient complained of any signs of dependence from ketamine infusion therapy near me.

🌎 How to choose the best ketamine therapy near me?

To choose the best ketamine therapy near me, you first need to pay attention to the availability of a license. Just look at the reviews, even the best ketamine clinics near me are not immune from bad reviews.

🤔 Can I be sure of the result of the ketamine therapy near me?

Yes, you can be sure of the results of ketamine therapy near me. 99% of patients are satisfied with the treatment and have no complaints. Everything will depend on the complexity of your diagnosis.

Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on our Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911

Virtual ketamine therapy

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