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Ketamine Clinic Charlotte, NC

What are ketamine clinics in Charlotte, NC?

Ketamine initially-known as an anesthetic used before and after surgery has widespread in use as a powerful healing agent prescribed to treat a number of mental health conditions, chronic pain as well as addictions. It works by regulating glutamate, an amino acid responsible for maintaining the nervous system function. Unlike traditional antidepressants, Ketamine is linked to faster response to treatment and fewer side effects. It neither depresses breathing nor lowers the blood pressure. Numerous leading institutions including Yale University, Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Clinic have participated in research of its healing potential. The anesthetic has been reported to be effective in over 70% of depressed patients and linked to minimizing suicidal ideation within 24 hours. To help patients receive the alternative to traditional treatment protocols for their mental health conditions, Ketamine clinics started appearing across the U.S including Ketamine clinics in Charlotte. 

Ketamine treatment Charlotte is typically second-line treatment to pursue when traditional solutions have failed to resolve the patient’s symptoms. For example, in the case of treatment-resistant depression (TRD), the patient should first undergo at least two first-line treatments. Only, if failed, the patient’s doctor may give them a referral to Ketamine clinic Charlotte to try innovative infusions. Yet, it should not be considered as a cure for depression but a part of multi-approach only. 

Ketamine clinic Charlotte usually differs from standard clinic settings, as it may resemble the spa-like environment with treatment/recovery rooms, specialists of holistic treatments among others. Furthermore, clinics may vary in the protocol of Ketamine treatment Charlotte. Some clinics work with administering anesthetic through IV, IM, PO infusions alone, while some provide lozenges and Spravato, an-FDA approved nasal spray to treat depression in adults. The patient usually completes 6 sessions 1 hour each, however, the time-frame may extend up to 10 sessions for 3 to 5 hours if the target of treatment is pain condition. If needed, Ketamine clinics Charlotte provide a maintenance program that includes anesthetic boosters every 2 weeks, every month, or every 3 months. 

Ketamine treatment Charlotte is not a viable solution for every particular case. Patients with active psychosis, uncontrolled blood pressure, pregnant and nursing mothers are not recommended for undergoing this treatment. If you find it a good fit for your diagnosis, speak to your doctor about its applicability.

What is ketamine therapy or ketamine-assisted psychotherapy? (KAP)

Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy (KAP) is the process of accessing unconscious material. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, an anesthetic is used to expand the mind and uncover possible roots of the problem, emotional stress, and/or challenges the patient may have. A psychotherapist works with this material and tries to change the patient’s perception regarding trauma patterns responsible for depression. One of the main goals of KAP is to establish a judgment-free environment and empathetic contact that helps the patient trust a psychotherapist and find the right relief. A standard course of KAP typically lasts 6 sessions 3 hours each, however, it is usually followed by support for weeks or months until the patient finds the right track of keeping sustained effect on their own. Compared to infusion therapy, KAP is linked to lasting changes that rarely abrupt after discontinuing treatment. The relief may lead to remission of depressive conditions within weeks or months. 

Ketamine treatment Charlotte with KAP is not currently available, so you may ask a referral from your doctor to undergo KAP in clinics outside Charlotte where it is offered.

What are the Best Ketamine Clinics in Charlotte 2021?

There are two Ketamine clinics in Charlotte where you may refer to receive treatment for mental health conditions and pain conditions.

Charlotte Ketamine Center

  • Managed by Neal Taub, MD, a board-certified physician.

  • Their Ketamine treatment Charlotte is offered with IV infusions for pain conditions, depression including treatment-resistant depression (TRD), anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder.

  • They also offer nebulized Ketamine for treatment-resistant depression (TRD), PTSD, OCD, bipolar disorder, migraines, chronic headaches as well as IV therapy+lidocaine.

  • The cost per therapies may vary.

  • Servicing Charlotte.

Elev8 MD Wellness Center, PLLC

  • Managed by Dr. LaKesha Legree, an anesthesiologist.

  • Their Ketamine treatment Charlotte is offered with IV infusions for depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, pain conditions.

  • They also offer IV hydration, botox, PRP injections, massage, acupuncture, and reiki.

  • The cost per infusion is $425 for psychiatric conditions and $850 for pain conditions.

  • Servicing Charlotte.

How is this list of ketamine clinics chosen? 

These Ketamine clinics in Charlotte are verified and recommended by the American Society of Ketamine Physicians.

What treatments do Ketamine Clinics provide in 2021? 

Severe Depression

Ketamine has been found to relieve the symptoms of depression within hours, rather than the usual weeks most antidepressants can take.


Those suffering from PTSD may find relief with Ketamine Infusion Treatment when other options have failed. 

Chronic pain

Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting more than 12 weeks. Learn how Ketamine treatment is providing relief.


Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, and activity levels.

Ketamine clinics Charlotte provide a variety of treatments for mental health conditions, and pain conditions.

Ketamine for depression  

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine for anxiety in Ketamine Clinics Charlotte, NC

The following studies have been conducted:

Charlotte, NC: Ketamine for PTSD 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine for OCD in Charlotte, NC

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine for bipolar disorder in 2021  

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine for chronic pain 

The following studies have been conducted:

Ketamine assisted therapy or psychotherapy

The following studies have been conducted: 

Ketamine clinic Charlotte may also provide additional mental health services, such as:

  • Psychiatry
  • EMDR
  • TMS
  • Holistic and alternative treatments

What happens during the sessions in Ketamine Clinics Charlotte, NC?

Ketamine treatment Charlotte always starts with the initial consultation by the clinician who ensures the patient understands the steps of their treatment protocol, and shares concerns, goals, and intentions. When the patient is ready to start the session, they are assessed physically and mentally including their blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation among others. If vitals are okay, the patient is escorted to the treatment room, seated in a comfortable chair, while a therapist and/or a registered nurse prepares and inserts IV infusion. The whole journey takes 40 minutes to 4 hours depending on the patient’s mental health condition or pain condition they receive treatment for. They cover the eyes and may listen to music which they may bring with them or provided by Ketamine clinic Charlotte. After the journey is over, the clinician stays with the patient until the dissociative effects of the medicine wear off. 

Ketamine clinic Charlotte restricts patients from driving, as anesthetic alters driving ability, alertness, and/or concentration. They should arrange a designated driver or a support person to drive them back home.

How long is a typical session for IV? 

Ketamine treatment Charlotte with IV infusions may take 40 minutes to 1 hour for treating mental health conditions, and 3 to 4 hours for pain conditions. Plus 30 minutes to 1 hour to recover after the session.

How long is a typical session for intramuscular? 

IM session may take 40 minutes to 1 hour for treating mental health conditions, and 3 to 4 hours for pain conditions. Plus 30 minutes to 1 hour to recover after the session. Ketamine treatment Charlotte with IM infusions is not currently available.

What will I feel during the session in Charlotte Ketamine Clinics?

The session of Ketamine treatment Charlotte targets the patient’s nervous system function which when altered induces depression symptoms. After the anesthetic is administered, the effect can be felt almost immediately. Some patients report experiencing extreme relaxation, sensitivity to light and sound, and heaviness in their limbs, while some may report hallucinations, and fear and/or anxiety attacks caused by trauma memories. Usually, the sensations are pleasant and have nothing to do with the severity of their manifestations, however, the clinician closely monitors the patient’s response to medication and alleviates any unwanted side effects.

How much do Ketamine infusions cost in Charlotte, NC?

Ketamine treatment Charlotte may vary in cost. The average price is $425 for mental health condition treatment and $850 for pain conditions. Contact the preferred Ketamine clinic Charlotte to learn the exact cost for infusions.

How can I find it if I can be eligible for insurance coverage?

Ketamine treatment Charlotte is rarely covered by insurance plans. You may contact the preferred Ketamine clinic in Charlotte to learn your eligibility for any discounts if you are a veteran or first-aid responder.  

Does Ketamine therapy intervene with my current treatment plan?

To avoid any side effects during Ketamine treatment Charlotte, the patient should disclose the full list of medications, health supplements, and herbs to the clinician. Some medications may only alter the efficacy of anesthetic, while some may cause severe side effects when interacted including MAOIs, SSRIs, relaxants, opioids among others.

What are the risks of Ketamine treatment?

Risks of Ketamine treatment in Charlotte may be manifested in the side effects of anesthetic although very rare. The clinician always administers the medication in subanesthetic doses well-tolerated by the patients. If there are any unwanted sensations, the clinician may also incorporate additional treatments or medications to alleviate them.

The most common side effects of anesthetic include:

  • anxiety;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • hallucinations;
  • blurred vision;
  • sensitivity to light and sound;
  • heaviness in the limbs.

These side effects usually wear off within 10-15 minutes after the session is over.

What to look for in a good Ketamine clinic?

Please refer to our in-depth article about Ketamine therapy for more information

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How to find Ketamine clinic in Charlotte?

Refer to the above-mentioned list of Ketamine clinics in Charlotte, or find them with the ASKP directory as well. Beyond that, you may ask your doctor for a referral to the provider who may offer you the best treatment protocol for your mental health/pain condition.

Where can I get Ketamine treatment in Charlotte?

There are two providers of Ketamine treatment in Charlotte - Charlotte Ketamine Center, and Elev8 MD Wellness Center.

Yes, Ketamine clinics Charlotte are legal and staffed by state board-certified specialists who can provide Ketamine treatment in Charlotte legally and safely.

How long does treatment at Ketamine Clinics in Charlotte last?

The standard course of Ketamine treatment in Charlotte is usually of 6 sessions 40 minutes to 4 hours depending on the mental health condition or pain condition. You should contact the preferred Ketamine clinic Charlotte to learn the exact time-frame of treatment for your particular case.

What to look for in Ketamine clinic in Charlotte?

You should contact the preferred Ketamine clinic in Charlotte and learn about the cost per infusions, and conditions they provide treatment for. Furthermore, ask about your eligibility for any reimbursement or discounts if you are a veteran or a first-aid responder.

Will my insurance company pay for Ketamine treatment in Charlotte?

Ketamine treatment in Charlotte is rarely covered by insurance plans, as the anesthetic is used off-label. Yet, you may contact your insurance provider to learn more.

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